Tuesday, May 06, 2008

sock of doom

this socken has been a long time in the making. for some reason, after making my red summer socks, i decided it would be a great idea to knit with the same yarn again. hmmmm .... not one of my better judgement calls.

my knitting time has been more limited, and i've probably put more time into sweater knitting vs. socken knitting. but, this sock was very slooooow coming off the needles. part of me now thinks that the harmony dpns are not a good match for the panda cotton. panda cotton needs metal. panda cotton needs good cheap susan bates dpns.

and then, i ran out of yarn. i finished the toe with my red leftovers (also panda cotton). it looks fine. some would even call it a design feature. there's only one wee problem remaining though ... i cannot find my other tiny ball of red leftovers for the mate.

specs: panda cotton in nasturiums and lacquer red
kp's harmony dpns, 2.25mm
64 sts.
picot cuff, top down, heelflappen


Allegra said...

nice socken, as usual! i was wondering since you are good friends with Jackie (southern fried goodness), if you had any news about her or her baby? it has been a while since she's posted and I was getting concerned. I am a blogland friend of hers. If you want to email me back that would be great:

thanks! always love your sockens!

Anonymous said...

I like toe of doom better :)
(Especially since the other potential t-o-d is awol) xoxo ^..^

f. pea said...

funny how desperation gives rise to design features! good luck locating the other toe of doom...