Wednesday, May 28, 2008


fun for now ....

a sock. a sock that already has me contemplating the likelihood of a socken-mate. i know i would wear these quite a bit. but i think the novelty of the pattern has worn off. but, i will knit the mate! i will cast on when this one is cast off! of course, it won't be the only sock on needles ....

this pattern, brigit, was going to be my bus riding project. after my first day of riding the bus, i realized that the pattern was too complex for me to concentrate, or keep my stitches from flying off the slippery kp's tips.

so, i moved onto plan B.

basic tweed

this is tweed socken. this is mindless knitting. and it's fast. i am now more than halfway down the leg, nearing the heel. it's perfect for the commute. and it's good for the ego, ... to knit something swiftly.

i bought the tweed yarn from a wee yarn shop in grand marais, mn, years ago. i often buy souvenir yarn when i travel.

sock specs:

brigit in opal's uni solid, size 2mm kp's circs.
i think you need to be a member of ravelry to access the download.

tweed socken in meilenweit tweed, size 2.25mm kp's circs, 64 sts.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sockens!Have you seen the pretty new tweedy colors in the Buttons? :D xoxo ^..^

f. pea said...

I like to get souvenir yarn too -- particularly sock yarn, because it's so portable. The Birgit socks are fabulous.

Stacey said...

The Brigit socks are stunning!!!! I may have to move those up in the the tweed - what's not to love about tweed!

Anonymous said...

Purdy..Purdy Sockens!!!!! Definitely worthy of a mate!