Monday, September 08, 2008

the hedgehog convention

i went home over labor day weekend, and miraculously finished my nephew's long ago requested hedgehog.

i started this a bit way back. but, things got in the way. and sometimes i avoid knitting things i've knitted before (hello?! sock orphans ?!).

i also ran into some obstacles (ie: felting at the laundromat ... man, they have some hot water, but you cannot control the water level in the machine).

plus, i apparently used a fur yarn for the "hair" that was a bit short in 'hair length'. this made me want to felt the hedgehog more and more, so i couldn't see the garter st. "scalp" in between.

he did come out precious, though i think he has a slight hernia.

regardless, i think he's really cute, and he has an instant peer group :

the pink guy has been around since a year ago spring.

he was knitted with lamb's pride. the blue guy was knitted with cascade 220. verdict? though i don't care too much for the "fuzz" of lamb's pride (the mohair content), i think it felts (the yarn, not the mohair) better/faster. if i felt again? ... i think i will use lamb's pride. hmmm ......


Anonymous said...

awwwww! Thats a cute group. Love the little blue guy, he has texture : )

painter girl said...

Super Cute! But tell Stuart he still holds out as the all time cutest.
call me....

f. pea said...

i agree with your verdict. i generally use cascade 220 because of its smooth, predictable felting results, but it does take longer because of the ply. lamb's pride felts up real quick, but fuzzy -- so i like it for fuzzy felted animal toys. the convention is adorable.

queencraftygirl said...

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