Friday, September 12, 2008

super quickie !

i should be in the shower, because in T-29 minutes, i'm suppose to be at work. instead, i wanted to flash my progress on fonn. my stranding is kinda lumpy & bumpy, but i am keeping my fingers crossed that blocking will fix & relax most of that.

regardless, progress is being made, as i've just completed the first round of snowflake motifs, and when i get home today, my reward is a giant decrease round and then onward with smaller motifs.

it's all downhill !


Stacey said...

looks great! blocking does wonders for colorwork! no worries!

f. pea said...

lookin good... you're almost there!

Anonymous said...

looks great! lumpy bumpy where? I see no lumpy, bumpy!

Corra told me that she wants a sweater "that goes over her head." (a pullover) I'm hoping that she's approve one with bits of fair isle on it!

painter girl said...

Love the snowflakes! Can't wait for some frosty little magic this winter. This sweater will keep you warm and snuggly.