Tuesday, September 30, 2008


... not knitting-wise, but camera-wise. i posted this thread on ravelry, and have not had any responses.

so, my old Pentax Optio S4 is playing possum, and is about to die. it has been a wonderful camera for the last 4+ years.

that said, a lot has changed in the last 4+ years.

i am shopping for a new small (digital) p&s. i did some research today, and found some prospects in the canon and panasonic realms.

if i could do a proper search, my filters would include “close to the wee size of my Pentax (which could fit in an altoid tin), lt. wt (so i don’t mind carrying it everywhere with me), a wide range of ISO’s, uses an SD card (don’t want anything ‘sony’ specific), uses a rechargeable battery (and i’d probably buy a second as back up).

i don’t need “portrait friendly” or extreme temperatures, or underwater, etc.

let’s face it. i want to take pictures of my knit/crochet projects. sometimes i want to get in so close that you can see each wee ply and fuzz. i also want to take pictures of general day-to-day. i don’t plan on blowing anything up big to hang on the wall.

do y’all have any ideas or recommendations? i am not limited to shopping at a best buy … there’s always pricegrabber ;)

(sigh) whatever ... i did see some good stuff on canon and panasonic ...

oh, the knitting!

i finished something!!!

this project is only a 2005 vintage. but still ..... it's nice to have it done, because i can now say, "i only have X blankets on the needles/hook". (exhale)

so, specs: this pattern is from jo sharp's _contemporary knitting_ magazine/book. i used her silkroad aran tweed yarn. i used a wee bit more than the pattern called for. the yarn is lovely.

in retrospec, this is not my colorway, but i fell inlove with the sample in the book, could not buy the yarn locally, and mailordered. i didn't even think to change the color palette. and now that it's done, i am definitely keeping it!

the yarn is soft and warm. the blanket has been on my bed the last few nights, and i have been warm enough to not need to sleep in socks. it's a keeper.


Zarah said...

I don't have any camera suggestions for you, but the blanket is absolutely gorgeous. That is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

Terhi said...

It's beautiful! I would keep it too. :-)

Stacey said...

the blanket is beautiful! what a great accomplishment!!!!

I love my cannon powershot A95 (I"m sure there is a newer model now) it has a great macro mode!

Dave said...

Your blanket is gorgeous! I love those colours, and the woven cable pattern shows them off beautifully.

No camera recommendations here; my camer is just about as old as I am. :-)

f. pea said...

canon powershot SD1000! i think this should be the official tiny awesome camera of knit-bloggers, spies and the fashion police.

your blanket is amazing.

jackie said...

i still think this blanket would look lovely in your room at my house. just sayin' :)