Wednesday, September 24, 2008

hmmm ....

i had a nice weekend ... an extended or late weekend, but so so nice!

i did get knitting done. there is always knitting to do, though sometimes i suffer knitter's block.

i finished a sock ....

the colors and fiber are rather 'beachy' to me ... a cotton/wool/nylon blend (sockotta). this sock has been fabulous mindless knitting. this kind of sock yarn allows me to be social, keep eye contact, and keep my hands busy at the same time.

i think some people take offense at people knitting while in (what they deem as) important/social engagements.

i don't know. i am such an addict, i cannot imagine most situations w/o yarn and needles in hand.

the other knitty (god knows we do not limit ourselves to one project!) ... an old blanket, in jo sharp silkroad aran tweed. i started this project a few years ago. all that's left is the finishing. perhaps tonight? i've reknitted one of the borders a few times now too.

but, it's finally coming together, and the sooner i finish, the sooner i can say it's done. and, most importantly (because, there is no such thing as knitterly guilt), i can use it.

when i finish, i will post more details. in the meantime, i will keep knitting .....

i had a fabulous weekend, and more of the details are over here.

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Esoteric Knitter said...

It's always nice to just knit simple socks. :)Can't wait to see the whole blanket.

f. pea said...

ooh, i love the silk road aran tweed. that is going to be an awesome blanket.