Thursday, October 23, 2008

should be in bed ...

... but instead, i'm updating. i am leaving for SAFF in the morning. i think i have my knitting bag packed, and haven't given much thought to clothes.

i had wanted to finish my central park hoodie. but i did not get the buttons sewn on yet, and i don't want to haul a big bulky sweater anyways.

i had wanted to finish my legwarmers ... which, i may actually do on the ride there, so they made the cut and are in the knitting bag.

i. am. knitting. acrylic. yarn. on. long. straight. needles. shivers ! the yarn is james c. brett's marble. i like the colorways, and it's soft.

and i did knit some fabulous hats (with bonne marie's cassidy's cap pattern and cascade 220.

i've made several hats with this pattern and i love how cute it is. so, perhaps, if it's cold at SAFF tomorrow, i may be wearing one of three versions i've knitted of this cap.

by the way, that's not my beautiful hair ... it's the model's ....


Anonymous said...

those are some fantastic buttons, where did you find them? (I've been on a big button kick as of late.)
Great looking leg warmers, they do look cozy and they sound like they will be easy to care for!
I was going to say, that doesn't look like your hair! *L* Fab hat, love the red!

painter girl said...

Have a great trip!
Can't wait to hear all about it!