Sunday, October 26, 2008

everything came in hanks ...

well, yarnwise, that is. all my yarns came in hanks. i do not mind hanks, as a ballwinder and swift are just as permanent as my other furniture.

so, this weekend was SAFF. i started to plan attendance a couple (or few) months ago.

i won't dilly dally on details, but i will share photos of my yarn purchases. if you want to know the specifics of any yarn, just click on any photo and it will take you to flickr with all my notes.

rustic and soft!

future socks

brooks farm acero


miss babs

sparkle yarn!

lace yarn

best in show ...
i saved the best for last ...

i had a fabulous time in fletcher and asheville ... not a single disappointment. the first day (at saff) was rainy ("whatever!). day 2, in asheville, visiting the local yarn shops, ... the skies cleared and it was the perfect autumn day.

yes, i got a lot of yarn. but, each yarn was purchased with either a project in mind, or as a gift.

funny thing ... all yarns purchased at saff, except for the brown silk above. i guess, i have access to what i call "shiny label yarns" all the time, so going to a fiber festival gives me the opportunity to snatch up stuff i cannot find in a retail shop.


Mouse said...

Wow.. looks like a great haul! I really love the sparkly yarn (is that the sock yarn with silver?) and also the green sock yarn in the second photo. yum.

Anonymous said...

I bought a hank of the dragon lace in the same colorway. It's very pretty.

f. pea said...

i love all the colors you chose. wish i could have gone to SAFF this year... maybe next year!