Friday, October 10, 2008

some accomplishments ....

last weekend, i went home to visit my parents. sometimes i don't travel very light (usually when i'm driving vs. other modes of transportation). i only visited for a few nights, but packed like i was going to be there for a month!

going home ....

i have this not so irrational fear of being without a project. it's happened before. you know how some people get kinda itchy because they have not eaten? well, i get way bitchy if i'm without a project. (mind you, that is just the "top" layer of yarn possibilities.) i probably packed enough yarn for 6 pairs of new socks, plus the various projects in my wee knit pouches. yeah ... for a 3 day visit!

i did not get as much knitting done as i hoped, but i did finally manage to find a solution for my harmony needles.

perfect for harmony needles
click picture for details

that is a 'worm bag' from bass pro shops. the size is right, the price point even better ($10 for bag plus extra empty pocket pages). now, i'm not running around like a poor knitter with my harmony needles and components in one giant ziplock. it's a great system, and a tidy solution.

in other knitterly news, i have finished knitting three hats! all the same pattern, but still, three hats ! perhaps this weekend pictures will be taken ....

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Knitstress Tygher said...

I travel the same way .. with both knitting and stuff in general. And I'm in fact going through packing anxiety right this very moment, because we're heading to Santa Fe for a week almost, and I want to get us packed fore 6 hours before the flight.

I think I need to go to the Bass Pro Shop soon. That case is seriously awesome.