Sunday, April 19, 2009


so, the love affair with _sock innovation_ is still on. i have just finished the first socken, and am partway through the first repeat of the leg chart of socken #2.

and this one is coming out lovely! i am most impressed with the yarn ... it's all things heather merino tencel sock in colorway flushed. personally, i'd call it watermelon.

the yarn has no "give". it's like knitting with cotton, silk, or bamboo. but, like any of those fibers, it has a great sheen or lustre. there's no wooly fuzz or halo to mention.

i had a gift certificate for the loopy ewe awhile back. it took me forever to decide what to get from their amazing stock. it took me so long that my gc expired. i contacted sheri at the loopy ewe and she extended my expiration date ... talk about great customer service !

anyhoo ... i wish i had more of this yarn in my stash. i'm especially fond of the semi-solids.

the pattern! i chose this pattern (next) because it seemed very simple. it is simple ... just knits & purls, k2tog's & ssk's, and some yo's. simple. i even checked out the errata before starting and made the one correction on my chart. but, there was another mistake that i had the misfortune of repeating all through my leg.

so, if you haven't started yet ... on rounds 2 and 24 of the leg chart, change your k2tog's to ssk's. (as of today, IK hasn't updated the errata)

i'm going to finish this sock soon (as in, this week). and i'll probably cast on something new (maybe from this book). and i still have a basket full of orphans. oh well ......


Leanne Pizio said...

These are beautiful. The color is scrumptious!

Stacey said...