Thursday, April 30, 2009

sometimes ....

i go into a frenzy of casting on, and oversaturate myself with patterns and ideas. of course, this is how i end up with orphan sockens. i have been good so far this year with knitting mates though.


i kinda got into this cookie thing. i have her new book. i've knitted a couple of the designs. i knitted an orphan pomatomus a couple years ago ... not to mention all my monkey socks (i've knit that pattern 5 times now!). and my newest is marlene, from Knit1's fall/winter 2008 issue.

i'm enjoying marlene. like pomatomus, she's full of twisted 1x1 ribs. she's very stretchy. and the yarn is great too ... i bought this dream in color smooshy at SAFF in 2007. i had heard about smooshy via blogs and podcasts, but had never seen it in person. when i found it, there were only a few color choices, but this cocoa kiss is lovely. it's mostly gray with kisses of chocolate.

i got so carried away knitting her yesterday that i think i knitted one repeat too many on the foot. i will have to reevaluate tomorrow, in the light of day.


Mouse said...

Those are GORGEOUS! I just wish that me and top down socks got along.. I really prefer toe up.

pat said...

A perfect photo of your Marlene-in- progress...just look at those beautiful twisted stitches! I have one skein of DIC Smooshy, but haven't used it YET!