Thursday, April 16, 2009

sock innovation

this seems to be my favorite book at the moment. each sock design is beautiful, and most are challenging.

i certainly was challenged with this one ...

kai-mei socks 012

kai-mei socks 018

it's kai-mei. often times when i pick up a book or magazine, i flip through from back to front. so, this was the first sock i saw. before i even saw the other designs, i knew i wanted to knit it.

what made it so appealing? ... having the "meat" of the project on the foot ... the place where i get kinda bored and slow down in my sock knitting (mind you, i primarily knit top down).

the challenge was understanding the instructions. i don't think the marker placement is correct for setting up the lace panel. but, i couldn't find any errata regarding that. so, i just did what i thought looked best. the instructions got kinda muddy towards the end as well (setting up for the toe decreases). again, i did what i thought was correct (i set up the decreases based on the beginning of round marker, centered on the bottom of the foot).

the yarn (cascade heritage) was very nice to knit with. i have another hank in stash (yay!). i haven't worn these yet because i'm not so sure what shoes would show them off best. perhaps i should had knitted tabi toes?

well, the honeymoon isn't over yet, as i've cast on another sock from the book, angee...

i'd say angee is one of the more simple socks in the book. the design looks like faux cables or braids, but it's just a combination of yo's, k2tog's and ssk's, otherwise ... it's all knits & purls. basic.

and a basic design like that calls for a nice smooth yarn ... all things heather merino tencel. the yarn itself doesn't have any "boing", but the overall ribbed pattern makes the fabric hug nicely.

both socks knitted with 2.25mm clover dpns


Julie said...

Awesome socks! I think I'd be scared to even try that pattern, but the results are spectacular.

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh those are my favorite Kai-mei's I've seen yet! So pretty! Love the yarn you chose to do them in.

Terhi said...

You knit the most gorgeous socks! These are AWESOME. Can't wait to get my book! :-)

Stacey said...

So pretty! That blue is wonderful!!!! Can't wait to get my copies of the book!

lynette said...

both socks look so wonderful. although you had a few challenges with the first sock, it looks gorgeous. the second sock is well on its way. angee is the first sock i plan to knit from the book.

Leanne Pizio said...

Love the blue socks. these are so gorgeous who would want to wear shoes?