Monday, May 11, 2009

another orphan in the making?

have you seen? the new spring/summer knit 1 is on the newsstands. i saw the preview a few weeks ago, and was pretty excited about one of the sweaters in the magazine. i also knew it was going to feature four sock designs. but, the preview page has smallish thumbnails and no information about any of the designs or designers. it seems that this magazine has just been getting better and better, and i think this issue is better than the current IK.

anyhow ... i got this wild hair yesterday to dye some yarn to make a pair of sock from this issue.

outside drying

i have several hanks of knitpick's bare fingering in the superwash merino/nylon blend. i also have various cake icing dyes. i was shooting for a nice icy blue. clearly, i didn't get it. i was too impatient to read about the proper procedure and just winged it. one thing i did do was not stir it around too much so it would get that nice kettle dyed look.

poppy socks

i've actually gotten past the heel now ... and it fits !

by the way, this is cookie a.'s design poppy socks. it's knit toe up. the picture in the magazine is over saturated and it's hard to see the details, but it does have a short row heel, and it has a wee gusset on the underside of the foot before the short rows begin, and then decreases afterwards back to the original number. as far as i can tell so far, there aren't any errors in the pattern.

regarding the yarn, i will use up what i have in stash, but i won't be buying it again. it's crazy soft, but it's getting fuzzy even as it's knitted. though it is superwash, i don't trust it. these will be handwash socks for certain.


Mouse said...

Wow.. I love those! I have really liked Knit1 since it came out.. there have been some really cute things in there. I might have to buy this issue for that sock pattern- I love toe up socks. They need to get better photos that click for more detail because I can't see half of what is in the issue.

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow! Beautiful dye job! It's knitting up beautifully!

zarah said...

Very pretty blue - you did a great job.

stringplay said...

Lovely dye job even if it isn't quite the blue you originally had in mind. Nice looking sock, too. (And I so LOVE the Chalet sock.)

Patricia said...

Boy, that blue is beautiful. I have some Kertzer Sterling/Silver and leftover William Sonoma dye. You've given me some inspiration!

Leanne Pizio said...

Love the blue even though you had another color in mind. What's going down with you girl?
Give a troll a call why doncha?

pat said...

I don't know what color blue you were after, but I sure love the blue you got!