Wednesday, May 06, 2009

seis de mayo

so, i stopped at the grocery store yesterday on the way home. they were out of the two things i wanted, wonton wrappers and mexican beer. so, i got some lima beans and belgian white ale instead.

first chalet
and today, i finished my first chalet sock. this is my entry for ska's may challenge, in the category of cables or traveling stitches. i've been wanting to knit this pattern for years, even tried it once, but never got far with it (the charts on this sock confused me).

this time, armed with post-it notes and determination, i got through it. there was some ripping involved, here and there. i repeated the instep chart 4 times (vs. 3 the pattern calls for). i could had added a 5th repeat, but i didn't want the pattern right at the toe decreases. it seems to end abruptly though. i did change the toe to a round toe.

this sock, and more, are in nancy bush's _folk socks_. i've had this book since its publication in '94 ... and i think this is the first sock i've knitted from it, other than the basic sock. BUT, it has always been my greatest learning tool. i refer to it time and time again, and my copy is quite worn.


Stacey said...

that one has been in my queue forever too! it is beautiful!!

zarah said...

Beautiful! Congrats on finally mastering that pattern, it looks very complicated.

Anonymous said...

Love how your sock turned out! All those cables are friggin beautiful! How was the beer?

Esoteric Knitter said...

Love it!!