Wednesday, May 27, 2009

more sockens

finished sockina sockens

sockina on 2.25mm dpns

i just finished these mindless socks the other day, and am itching to cast on something new. problem is, i don't have full access to my stash right now ... and i can't decide which yarn i do have can be "sacrificed" to just a "plain" sock. perhaps, i should just pick one and a sock pattern with an easy to memorize pattern.

i know it's ridiculous, but sometimes these sock yarns seem too precious to knit. i know!

we caught a break in the rain a little earlier today, and i used that time to snatch up some socks for picture time. my hands were full, and i "lost" a sock on the stairs on the way out ... therefore, there aren't any pictures of my first finished marlene.

but, i did get pictures of a couple of other in progress socks.

so easy!

knitpicks bare superwash merino/nylon on 2.25mm dpns

these are the chalet socks by nancy bush (from _folk socks_). there's a tremendous amount of chart chasing with this pattern. i have a post-it that i move up after every round to keep track of where i am. the knitting is much faster on the foot, now that i am only patterning on the instep.

i also decided that i'm going to rip back on the first sock. i think there's enough space to fit in another repeat of the chart before the toe. the way it's knitted now, it looks kinda incompete.


cascade heritage on 2mm dpns

(from _sock innovation_) is progressing nicely as well, but it's another one that's going to need a rip-fix. i was not paying attention to the pattern and forgot that the instep has more stitches than the sole. of course, i didn't realize this until i was almost finished decreasing the toe and noticed that i had more stitches on the instep than the sole. whoops.


ruthee... said...

All the current socks are just lovely - even the "plain" ones. And I agree fully - sometimes I don't want to use up certain sock yarns...they are just too enchanting!

Anonymous said...

I *LOVE* the Sockina socks! Purdy..Purdy...Purdy!