Tuesday, May 19, 2009

blue baudelaire

i finished my blue baudelaires. the fit is really nice.

sockotta is one of my favorite summer socken yarns. it knits like cotton, so it's not about the knitting experience. i like the crisp stitch definition, and the hardly noticeable tonality of the yarn. and, the price point is very nice too (cheap!).

it can be a challenge finding the right pattern for sockotta. the yarn has no stretch, so you have to find a pattern that will provide that for you. the baudelaire pattern is semi-ribbed (there are 3 purl stitches on either side of the cables, and two purl stitches down the center of the lace panels).

i did enjoy knitting these. and i love the results. i will have to resist knitting another pair with a different yarn. there are so many socks in my queue right now there's no time for repeats.


ruthee... said...

You did GREAT in combining the yarn and the pattern. The socks look amazing.

pat said...

SO PRETTY in that beautiful blue solid yarn!

Anonymous said...

that blue! Wow are those beautiful socks! Lovely match of color and pattern.