Friday, July 10, 2009

it IS july, and summer of socks

... and i am knitting, knitting, and knitting. i have started so many new sock projects, and want to start more. because of the number of projects going on, i haven't really finished any pairs. whoops!

first up, is a pretty koigu sock that is in progress. i am almost finished with the first sock. all i really have left to do is bind off, if i could only decide which bind off to use.

giddy up!

the pattern is called "on-hold" by wendy johnson, from her book _socks from the toe up_. i'm knitting it as part of a kal on ravelry. the pair must be knit in the month of july. i won't have a problem finishing, i know, but when one is knitting multiple socks for multiple kal's, all with deadlines ... something's gotta give.

at least, having knitted the first sock and keeping good notes, i know what to do on the second sock. i figured this koigu was a good choice because koigu has such skimpy yardage, and it's nice to use it all up w/o leftovers, or running out.

next up is another kal sock, also via ravelry.

grassy green sockens

this very green sock is rick from _sock innovation_.

the yarn is knitpick's bare superwash merino/nylon, dyed with wilton's icing dye. it's been in my stash for at least a good year (which is really not a very long time!). i had started this sock with malabrigo sock yarn, but for this pattern, i found it too lifeless. i'm knitting on 2.5mm dpns, and i think those needles were just too big for the malabrigo ... but smaller needles would had made a smaller sock (which was not the goal).

another kal sock? why YES! but this one is for the june challenge (the sock knitter's anonymous group gives you 2 months to finish the pair).

birch leaf sock

this is nancy bush's birch leaf sock, and the pattern is found in _a gathering of lace_.

this sock is the second sock ! soon there will be a pair :)

next up is a sock that's just because it's summer ....

summer socken

i stalled a bit when i got to dividing for the heel because the pattern i am using wasn't written for the lace to go down the front of the foot (just on the leg). also, i knitted a heel from a different pattern ... this heel is a short row garter stitch heel with a mini-gusset. both sock patterns are by a woman named debi, and though i downloaded the patterns via ravelry, she does have a blog and both sock patterns (lizzie's lacy ribs and crystals, 'combs and cables) are on her sidebar.

garter stitch heel with mini-gusset

of course, there are more socks and yarns i want to knit. i will work on finishing my socks for these various kal's, and i will also knit other socks just because it's summer ....


Anonymous said...

I'm in total love with your on hold socks! I need to knit with koigu more often. Your killing me with all your great socks!

ruthee... said...

I am working the Rick socks and LOVE the pattern. Your sock obsession is very inspiring!

leanne pizio said...

Wow! Love the green ones so much and the grey is stunning.

Lisa Randolph said...

These are all so lovely! I'd pick a favorite, but it would be impossible to choose.
I miss being able to drop in on you at the GY. We should actually make a date sometime to get together!
Talk soon-