Tuesday, July 28, 2009


i could probably finish some things if i'd stop starting things, but .... it is my way.

i finished a sock! not a pair.

bluebell socken

i finished this sock last night. or maybe the night before. hmmm. i'd like to cast on the mate, but i have been derailed by by making myself a lacy baktus.

acero baktus

and i love it ! i started this last night. i was looking for a mindless project, and thought this would be a good one. well, i had to rip out a couple of times before i understood the pattern and the fabric i was creating.

i was unsure if my needle size (3mm) was a good match for the yarn (brooks farm acero), so this morning i blocked what i had knitted last night. the yarn relaxed nicely, and now i know i can proceed w/o anxiety.

the yarn is a fingering wool/viscose/silk blend. i got it last fall at SAFF with the intention of making socks. but, when i swatched it, i changed my mind. it's going to be much better off as a scarf.

and this last little tidbit, i did not make, but saw at the mall in a diorama at the LEGO store. pardon the quality, as i was shooting through a plastic convex bubble, and shoving kids aside to see the cuteness!

lego sheeps!
LEGO sheeps!

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ruthee... said...

I love the fabric of the Baktus - I will have to check out that pattern. The Lego sheep rock!