Tuesday, July 21, 2009

pretty things

hexagon crocheting came to a grinding halt yesterday, when i started to join my circles with the white red heart yarn. it seems, the first skein of white i was using either wasn't red heart, or was just spun differently.

but, i am back on track today, with a fresh skein of 'bernat super value'. i was really bummed last night when i had to stop crocheting. the good part is, it forced me to finish a pair of socks!

summer lacy socks

i think this is my first pair of socks for the summer! i'm happy to have them off the needles, so i won't feel as guilty when i figure out what socks i'm going to cast on next. and i will cast on more before finishing others. it's a given.

especially since i got some new yarn this morning (when i went to find the white acrylique for my hexagon blanket).

bamboo & ewe

before i go to the shopping center that has 3 craft stores (acmoore, michael's, and jo-ann's) i always go online and print coupons. the yarn above is part of jo-ann's sensations label. i was able to use a 40% off coupon on each ball of yarn. yay! i hadn't seen this yarn in the store before. it seems that most of the craft store sock yarns are all self striping or variegated. i was very excited to find something in a slight heathered tone.

oh, something else i finished ...

the greenest sock ever

this is "rick" from _sock innovation_. it's part of a kal, and must be finished before the end of the month. well, i have 10 days. i can certainly get it knitted in that time frame. maybe i'll cast on tomorrow ....

and one last finished thing(s) ...

leg warmers !

my legs were cold the other day (air conditioning). i had started these leg warmers last fall. i knitted them up quickly, and even seamed one together on the way to saff. and then i never touched them again. all i had left to do was seam up the other leg warmer. i do stupid stuff like that all the time.

but now, they're done. and i have been wearing them. i've even queued some other leg warmer patterns to knit.

and here is where i get lazy ... if you'd like to know more about any of the photos, just click on the photo and you'll be whisked away to flickr where i left notes for each project.

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Terhi said...

My my, what pretty socks again! And leg warmers – I want! My mom knit me a pair when I was 10. They were stripey, black and white, and I loved them so much! They made me feel like I was a character from Fame. :-D