Thursday, July 02, 2009

it's july ?!

goodness! since it is july, it's quite appropriate that i am knitting summer socks. the thing is, i don't know why i knit summer socks because i don't wear socks in the summer. but, i cannot stop knitting socks ... so i knit summer socks.

it's a summer sock !

i am really enjoying this pattern. it's virtually mindless, which i always enjoy for movie watching. and little effort with a good pattern and yarn makes a very simple thing quite beautiful.

i am not totally pleased with the yarn though ... it's meilenweit cotton in an unknown shade (no color number or dyelot printed on label), and i can already see two upcoming knots. i got the yarn at a swap, but i'm wondering if maybe this skein was a sample the lys decided to sell for profit.

otherwise, it's like sockotta in its fiber content. and i love sockotta. this is actually a bit softer (which is not a bad thing!).

the pattern is called "lizzie's lacy ribs" by fluffyknitterdeb on ravelry. here's the link if you're on ravelry ...
and if you're still NOT on ravelry, go sign up here.

notes to self: 2.25mm clover dpns, 64 st cast on, 15 repeats of leg.


amandacathleen said...

I still can't believe its July! Summer is flying right by, even though the weather doesn't feel quite summery. Very pretty yarn that your using, bummer on the knots! Quite like how the yarn looks in the pattern. Happy 4th!

ruthee... said...

Yet again, a lovely combination of yarn and pattern - you really have a gift for this!

I tried and tried to knit cotton socks because I live in Florida but have never found one I could embrace...*sigh*

jackie said...

you are going to have to change the name of your blog to "the haphazard SOCK knitter". lol.

Esoteric Knitter said...

sucks about the knots :( but i really love how the sock it looking!!