Monday, August 31, 2009

i finished!

thanks for the luck! it worked!

and i finished yesterday (a whole day ahead of the deadline).

sigmund seaweed socks

the socks are an odd pair. all the decreases lean in the same direction, so the fabric biases. i can get over that, but it also means i have to pay a bit more attention when putting them on so they're not all twisted.

i do love this yarn. it's opal handpainted. i found it at a ben franklin store in a small town about two years ago. i've wanted to knit it for awhile, but never found the right pattern. i cannot say this IS the right pattern (as the colorful splotches obscure the lace pattern) but it's certainly good enough.

so, i've finally had success with a wendy johnson pattern. perhaps there is hope. maybe now i can quit fantasizing about converting her patterns to cuff down. maybe.

yarn: opal handpainted in greens
needles: 2mm for first part of foot, 2.25mm for rest of sock
pattern: wendy johnson's seaweed socks
size: size medium at a smaller gauge

1 comment:

turtlegirl76 said...

Oooh pretty! Biased socks are kinda annoying to put on, but worth it in the end!

And OMG you have a Sigmund the Seamonster!