Thursday, August 27, 2009

seaweed ...

seaweed seaweed seaweed

i am actually quite surprised that i like this sock! this is wendy johnson's seaweed sock, a free download, from her website. i am knitting it as part of a ravelry kal. i really like her patterns, though i think more about knitting them top down.

something about her patterns is always a little off for me. she uses numbers i wouldn't normally choose to use (ie: she uses 66 sts vs 64). also, i think a lot of her patterns are catered towards fluffier feet. my feet aren't narrow, but they aren't "plump" either. but, all things can be modified, and gauge & yarn combo can be your friend.

that said, i chose a thinner fingering weight yarn for this sock. i am knitting the size medium, but at a finer gauge. i could had knitted the small size, but i didn't think the design would show much because the chart is so minimal. the yarn is opal's handpainted. it's been in stash for awhile. it's happy to be free. and even though i can't see the stitch pattern all that well, i do love the colors.

the deadline for this pair is the end of the month. i just cast on the mate last light, so i have a lot of knitting to do before monday. wish me luck!


zarah said...

You always find the best patterns!

Anonymous said...

I do like that color! Great greens.

*L* My word verification is "corni"!

Hepsi said...

Good luck! =)
I also love the colors!

Cathy said...

The green looks really pretty with that pattern. Perfect for a pattern called seaweed!! Good luck with that second sock!!! You can do it!

Anonymous said...

Love the socks BUT the "little Ms. Octopus" is CUTE!!! Ms. Pinky would love to play with one...;)