Saturday, August 15, 2009

more summer sockens

bluebell lace socks

i took about 57 pictures and this is the best one. pretty pathetic i think. let's just say it's hard to take pictures of your own feet.

i'm glad to have these off the needles though. the pair used 66 grams of yarn (and i have 57 grams leftover). i will save the leftovers for use in another sock project.

i wish it was cool enough now to wear socks, as then i could report on their wear and durability. but, it's summer ... and this is the south.

la la la ....

i don't really have much to say today.

yarn: joanne sensations 'bamboo & ewe'
needles: clover 2.25mm dpns
pattern: bluebell lace from _sensational knitted socks_
60 stitches


Lynette said...

i think your socks turned out great. how did you like working with the yarn.

Jane said...

I second Lynette's comment. They're beautiful! Awaiting comments on the yarn.