Monday, August 10, 2009

sigh ... if only there was enough time .....

so, i posted the picture of the magazines i collected over the weekend. these magazines are still beside the bed, and are waiting for me again at bedtime. i don't have a good book to read right now, so i'm just going to enjoy my magazines instead.

though i think today is the hottest day we've had so far this summer (it's 99* at 6pm), i've had sweaters on my mind. of course, one must start thinking about the next season if you want to wear said sweater in the upcoming season. of course, that doesn't mean i'm going to start whipping out sweaters. i'm barely getting my socks done at this point.

but, IF i were to knit sweaters, these are a few of the ones i fell for instantly while perusing my new magazines.

first off, was this lovely crochet motif cowl neck pullover by designer robyn chachula. i love this! i think it's interesting looking, without looking "granny", and maybe i'm a bit biased to the color.

i did some research on the designer, via ravelry, and she has oodles of designs that i've seen before, and many of which i like very much.

this design is very similar to one called the calla lily cowl which she did for mission falls yarns.

another note, the yarn used for this is by red heart, their eco-ways bamboo wool. i saw some eco-ways yarns the last time i was in the craft store, and i'll be eager to see how much people enjoy working with them i'd like to try them out too.

this one is my favorite. it's called the nordique swing jacket, designed by veronik avery. it's knitted in sport weight yarn. and i've swatched for it. apparently, i have a yarn in stash that is the right weight, and the color is very similar to the printed magazine (though not the same as the actual color). though, color is irrelevant. the color issue is a fluke.

i started swatching yesterday. i started with the recommended needle size (US 3) and it was tight. i'm now using a US 5 and might have gauge. i will also swatch in pattern, and then dunk the strip into the sink to wash and block.

oh! this design is in the fall interweave knits magazine. i also spotted another favorite from this issue, the slanting gretel tee. if you'd like to see more, i know the preview is available right now here (scroll down) on the IK website.

and lastly, i found this pretty cardigan in the current issue of vogue knitting magazine ... the rib and cable cardigan (design #4)(gosh, i wish vogue had more intersting names for their designs) ... designed by irina poludnenko. side note, this pretty cardigan is opposite a fabulous dress designed by sauniell connally (formally local, ... went off to NYC to attend fashion school) (yay!).

all these magazines have numerous designs to inspire for the fall. oh, and let's not forget knitscene. there were several sweaters in the current issue that i will be watching progress of on ravelry.

of course, right now i'm all about knitting/crocheting sweaters. but, give me a few days and that will pass .....

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Angela said...

Robyn Chachula is a civil engineer...I thought that was really cool. I like her Blueprint Crochet book.