Sunday, October 25, 2009


... that i have been knitting. i typically carry a small project (ie: socks) with me in my purse, just incase .... you never know when you'll have a spare moment, or stuck waiting in a line, or traffic. and just when you don't have such a project in the purse is exactly when those moments strike.

yesterday, at saff, such a moment occurred. i was waiting in a longish line at a booth to pay for my new sock book, _the enchanted sole_. mom was off watching a felting demo. i unzipped my bag, stuck my book into the bag and pulled out my sock knitting. i actually made some progress without making any mistakes. and, i chatted with the couple standing in line before me.

girl army socks

i was knitting on the mate of this sock. i am getting close to the heel too. and this is my mindless project for now. i'm doing a pretty good job of project monogamy. with the hours i am working, the only way i will ever have finished projects is to not have too many wip's.

though, i am awfully tempted to cast on something new with the new stuff i got yesterday!


whoops! i just realized in never even posted this when i originally cast on ...

jules by kate blackburn

the sock is jules by kate blackburn, and the yarn is knitpicks stroll handpainted in colorway 'tea party'. i am using 2.25mm dpns, and knitting the smaller size with the 60st cast on. to fit me better, i probably should had added 4 more stitches. that said, these might end up in mom's sock drawer.


turtlegirl76 said...

I bought The Enchanted Sole today! I was thrilled to see it in person. I couldn't leave without it. Can't wait to see what you have your eye on to knit first. I think I've got one picked out. =) It was so nice to see you again! And to get to meet your mom! She's so cool!

Gnat said...

Nice sock! I wish I had gotten more knitting done during the weekend...but I was distracted by meeting new people and the fiber fumes. :)