Saturday, October 24, 2009


wow ... 20 days since my last post. what have i been doing? ... barely knitting, and working lots of overtime.

i have been feeling deprived of yarn and knitting time, needless to say. but this weekend, i made up for that and traveled across the state to SAFF. this was my third year attending, and i will certainly go again next year, and the next year ....

i'm gonna cut to the chase and just present the loot.

first round of loot!

this was purchased before lunch. if you click on the picture you can access the notes with all the yarn information.

i did have a budget. i had taken a small wad of cash. i was doing pretty good in the beginning, but then got kinda anxious that i might blow my cash, so i started to swipe the credit card instead. i'm not going to add up the purchases though, because i got all that i wanted (well, except for a really pretty hank of $56 creatively dyed yarn).

lunch and yarn appreciation

after lunch (sitting in the back of mom's minivan with the hatch up ...) mom and i headed back for more.

knit witch yarns

while making this purchase, i ran into one of my favorite bloggers, cristi. she was hanging out in the knit witch booth. mom and i were admiring a beautiful sock (rav link)(and i happened to have the very same yarn in hand) that cristi had knitted. and as if this yummy sock yarn wasn't enough, i also got the pretty blue lace yarn.

baa baa black sheep

there were also some non-yarn purchases. i've been wanting some shawl pins, as i am wearing my shawls a lot more (since the office is cold). i found this wee 1.25" x 1" enameled black sheep by gita maria. it's light weight and the dark color will make it more incognito on some of my shawls.

the other shawl pin is a pretty walnut stick pin which i found in the knitting notions booth ...

walnut shawl pin

and then there was the book!

new book

i have her first sock book, _the ecletic sole_, which i've yet to knit from. BUT, i will. and now i have this one, with some really pretty patterns.

and lastly, there was art. i saw this artwork last year, and wanted the actual paintings, and passed on the prints. but this year, i decided to get a few prints, as they make me laugh.

these are printed reproductions of the paintings by artist conni togel. definitely visit her website to see more of her fabulous art.

all in all, saff was great. the weather was perfect, and for the morning part of the the day, the crowd was light. it would be nice to go back tomorrow, but i might be out of money anyways .....


Anonymous said...

I was at SAFF on Sat. Couldn't believe how beautiful the weather was. Was rainy when we left Raleigh and the closer we got to Asheville the more beautiful it became. Looks like you made a great yarn haul. And I know how much that art work cost! I picked up waaaay more than I think I really needed but it was reallly hard to narrow it down. Definitely going back next year. - Beverly

Gnat said...

Looks like you did great!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Now that the weekends over I know I should have gotten some artwork from conni togel...arg! But my loot was plenty. ;)

I agree about the weather being fantastic...coming from was nice that it was cooler and the leaves were just amazing!!

Anonymous said...

great looking loot and it sounds like you had a good time too :)