Sunday, February 14, 2010

oh, and it's valentines day too ....

and i knitted these season appropriate socks :) and i like them !

these are i heart toe-up socks by wendy johnson from her book, _socks from the toe up_. i used wendy's happy yarn. and i LOVE these socks. they, surprisingly, fit really well. i started the foot on a 2mm needle, and then switched to a 2.25mm needle just before the gusset increases. i feel like it's always a crapshoot trying to estimate the length before beginning the gusset. but, this time it worked without any ripping.

the only disappointment was that the yarn had 3 knots in it. that was a pain, because for every knot there are 2 ends to weave in.

but, all in all, the colors and pattern are perfect.


Anonymous said...

Super pretty and romantic looking socks! :) I love them.

Esoteric Knitter said...

totally "love"ly!