Thursday, February 11, 2010

i needed a picture ...

the fish with no name

i just can't post without a picture, so tonight, i give you my betta. my (nameless) betta is celebrating his first year with me. he's still nameless. i sort of named him when i thought he was going to die, but now he's just nameless again. though, this has nothing to do with knitting. i just needed a picture.

okay ... on with the knitting. i have FINISHED a pair of socks!!! i finished my heart socks. i finished them yesterday, but may not be able to take a proper daytime photo until the weekend, which is okay, as they're very appropriate for valentine's day.

they're not totally finished though, i do still need to weave in ends, etc ....

and, this weekend, or sometime tomorrow night, i get to cast on my knitting ravelympics project. well. i will, when i figure it out.

i have a few choices picked out. i'd like to knit kernel from knitty. it's a lace scarf. and i can do it with sock yarn. i've already printed the pattern, gathered the needles, and picked out the yarn (i'll wind it in the morning).

i'd also like to knit green apple newton. i can knit these for both my SKA group and ska team, but i've not yet figured out which yarn i would use. (playing scarlett o'hara again here, as i'll think about it tomorrow). it is a toe up pattern full of wonderful texture, and i would knit it cuff down (i just don't want anymore challenges right now).

my last consideration is to knit a basic pair of gloves with the instructions from ann budd's _the knitter's handy book of patterns_. i have some pretty self striping yarn that i could knit socks with, but i think they would make some interesting gloves.

and, as of right now, i don't know which project will be the one !


Mouse said...

Your betta fish is beautiful! I've had a few and they've lived for numerous years. I always recommend that ppl w/ bettas try "Hikari Gold" food.. you can get it from W-mart and it really improves their color.

Leanne Pizio said...

Cute little fishy though I still think he needs a name. What about Bluey, or Rambo, Floaty would be a good one...
Love the socks and can't wait to see you. May be in Raleigh soon.

Rainy Daisy said...

Sigh...I haven't seen Gone with the Wind in a looong time. But your betta fish reminds me of another classic movie: "We're just a couple of no-name slobs."

I'm curious about the fish's name when it was dying. Why was it taken away again?