Saturday, February 27, 2010

wow. i actually finished!

YAY! i finished my 'coin toss' socks in the wee hours this morning (i couldn't sleep, so i got up at 4:30 ... knitted and watched LOST). regarding LOST, i will always and forever be LOST with that program.

i LOVE these socks. i had them on briefly as i took my pictures, but i didn't leave them on as a i don't need to 'dirty' two pairs in one day, and i have a feeling that this yarn might be better off hand washed.

unlike the socks i was wearing, and put back on:

those are my "sigmund seaweed socks" which i finished last august. i did not enjoy the knitting process (toe up always stresses me out because i think the fit is gonna be a crap-shoot) ... but, i wear these socks a lot.

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MadSilence said...

Cute socks. We're collecting crochet blogs. Via artandlife.