Sunday, February 28, 2010


i LOVE new stuff! i don't mail order often (i had a yarn order stolen off my front porch!). this time though, i sent it to a friend's home. i had placed an order to knitpicks. one of their "40% off book sales" ended on the 22nd. of course, i placed my order that night (the sale had been on for more than a month). i would had bought more books, but some of the ones i want have not been released yet. instead, i padded my order with some yarn.

beautiful begonia pink lace weight kettle-dyed 'shadow' yarn

what am i going to knit with this? a shawl, of course ... but which one ?! ... i don't know. but when i do know, i'll post it here. this colorway was being discontinued (and now, it's gone !!!). i'm sure 1320 yards of lace weight will give me lots of options pattern-wise. the color is delicious!

and i ordered this:

knitpicks palette in 'grass' green

this too may become a shawl. two balls can be enough, but for only $1.99 a ball, "insurance" comes cheap. and it's GREEN ! (my favorite color)

oh, and it was a book sale, so i got these as well ....

the one of the left is a book, and the one on the right is a box with individual patterns on cards. and, they're both by charlene schurch and beth parrot. so, together with my last bits in the box, i'm going to knit the cover socks of the book on the left with my last purchases from knitpicks (the needles and the ivy colored kettle-dyed socken yarn).

i also needed another pair of the kp circs for magicloop. i am so ready for march (and spring, in general)(i'm tired of being cold).


Esoteric Knitter said...

I'm excited for all your future projects. I enjoy seeing your work!! btw green is my fave color too!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with that first mauve color! Gorgeous! Can't wait till I get good enough to start making things besides scarves when it comes to knitting!
~MS the Younger
PS: Thanks for the tip on 28cooks, loving the stuff I found there!
~MS the Younger