Saturday, April 10, 2010

and a finished sock ...

purple haze socken

i couldn't sleep last night/this morning. so i got up in the super-wee hours (3:30 am) and finished my tea and scandal sock. i also finished watching Australia on my netflix dvd. i didn't really know much about the movie, but somehow it ended up on my queue. and, i really liked it. i liked the cinematography the best.

oh, and i did take a nap today (duh !).

back to the sock! yay! a finished sock! this pattern is called tea and scandal and it's a free download on ravelry ... here's the pattern page. the yarn i am using is pagewood farms chugiak. apparently, this yarn is suppose to be overtwisted, and it wears like iron. i thought it was a defect of the yarn. but, now i've been "educated". and now, i really like it. and it's PRETTY! the purple has so many shades of purple in it. it has a bit of pale violet, some raspberry, and other violets and aubergine.

i would had taken a "naked" shot (ie: w/o shoes) but we're still in the midst of the yellow haze and didn't want all that pollen on my socks.

so, now i have two orphans, one green, the other purple. eeks. i better cast on either next.

but, i kinda have the sweater bug (not that i've finished one in the last year) (i think). i found this pattern called Ari today. and it's a simple bolero/cardi. and i think i might want to knit it. i even went out and about today looking at yarn, but didn't find anything that seemed right for it. so, i'll have to let this infatuation pass for now. i did print out the pattern though. maybe i should go stash diving instead.


AndiPants said...

That sock is beautiful!

You should definitely go stash diving. That is a really cute pattern.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love it!!! And you know purple is my color. Gorgeous!

Melissa (mom2legomaniacs)

Maliase said...

Lovely sock! And is that Wanida on your other foot?

Christine said...

Oh crap!! I think I have some Berroco Weekend stashed! I got them for another sweater that has not seaming... (do not cast on!! do not cast on!! - new Christine is yelling from the closet!)

Beautiful socks (both!) BTW!

Lesley said...

Cute! If you're anywhere near the TX Hill Country, I can empathize with the yellow haze. It's been just awful!!

Esoteric Knitter said...

love the sock!! this photo is really pretty too!!