Monday, April 19, 2010

happy monday :)

happy because it's a vacation day!

and i've started a new sock. i didn't think i would for this month's challenge on ska, but i stopped by a lys the other day before leaving town, and got suckered by a skein of berroco's metallic sox yarn.

colors and sparkles!

it's not the nicest yarn in the world, but it does have a metallic thread running through it that gives it a nice sparkle. there were lots of pretty colorways to choose from, and i picked one with mom in mind, but she kinda wrinkled her face at the sparkles (which, i'm glad for, because i wanted them!). so, these will be for me.

twisty !!!

the pattern is twisted from the new knitty. i had problems with knitting the twisted stitches as the designer has written the stitch pattern, so i'm doing it my way. that means, when i am on round 2 and slipping the stitch, i'm slipping purlwise. and on round 1, i am knitting the slipped stitch through the back loop. i found that much easier than how she has it written.

i am eager to get to the fun part ... which is the biasing on the foot, ... alas i'm still on the leg. and the knitting isn't as fast as i'd like it to be as i'm hopping between other projects (the 2nd snow petals sock, and i started bridgewater from _made in brooklyn_, and want to cast on ari from berroco too).


Nik said...

I think that every girl should have a pair of sparkly socks. Pretty!
And I love the green shawl. And I love the other socks you've made on this page. Heck, i just love everything :D

It was awesome seeing you this weekend. I hope you have fun with your new yarn.

nerdynunchucks said...

I like the yarn color way very much! The metallic is there, but not overpowering (methinks). I'm planning on making twisted as well; I'll bet these look fantastic when they're done :D

Esoteric Knitter said...

bummer that mom doesn't like the silver. I love the sparkles.

Anonymous said...

very pretty socks! And yay for vacations :)

Alaskan Nancy said...

That sparkly yarn is so pretty!