Saturday, April 03, 2010

snow petals

i'm having some real fun right now test knitting a pattern for lisa stichwel. she's in one of my ravelry groups, and she knitted the prettist pair of socks, and i sent her a message saying, "i'd love to test the pattern for you!"

and here's my progress thus far ...

snow petals

the pattern is from a japanese lace stitch resource. i love how these kinds of patterns keep the knitter engauged. often times in lace knitting, we get "rest" rows/rounds (where all you do is knit the knits and purl the purls, but no yo's or k2togs or ssk's). with these japanese stitch patterns, i've noticed, there's a mix of rest rows/rounds and sections where you pattern every round.

and i love how when this stitch pattern is inverted, it looks even more floral. or even, like an artichoke !

i am still on the leg of this sock. i cast on wednesay night, so i can still count this towards my skamar10 challenge. i've yet to cast on a sock for the month of april. i'm not sure if i'll get around to that this month.

as a test knit, the first sock needs to be completed by friday, which is totally doable. but i had also cast on another design for march as well ... inwhich i knitted to cuff last night.

the yarn is by knitting notions. i picked it up a couple years ago at SAFF.

squishy pretty green socken yarn

sometimes these pretty yarns marinate in the stash for awhile awaiting the "perfect project". well, this pair of socks had green apple merino written all over it!

oh, after a little investigating, i also discovered that the pillars socks i knitted are also her design. no wonder i was drawn to this new pattern!

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Esoteric Knitter said...

ohhh it's definitely a pretty pattern. will definitely be on the look out for the finished socks.