Friday, April 09, 2010

happy post-easter!

it's not that i'm still in holiday-mode, but i am coming off that "ride".

many thanks for the easter wishes ... stuart did find an egg!

the GOLDEN egg !

actually, as my "dependent", stuart too is "eligible" for my "benefit".(that's my work geek-speak).

anyhoo ... easter was GOOD. i have this "golden egg". mom made the mistake years ago of providing a golden egg .... so, each year, i pull out my golden egg, and sit it out waiting like a christmas stocking. so far, it has not failed to "give", but, it IS a plastic egg ... which means anything you put inside would rule. so far, the gifts have been 'good'.

in my knitting world, life is good too!

i finished my first snow petal sock :)

green snow

it's lovely! i am carefully trying to balance on the porch, in the midst of our yellow haze ('tis pollen time). now, i am eager to cast on the mate. i will do that tomorrow.

but, of course, this is not the only sock on needles. i too have this sock ...

tea and scandal socks

i am way too tired tonight to post my details on this one ... but, if you're a member of ravelry, click on this link to read up on this pretty sock.

it's 9:03 pm EST, and i'm just fading ....

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Rainy Daisy said...

zoinks! You are just a sock-knitting machine!