Sunday, October 03, 2010

new month

new project.


the new month at SKA (ravelry group) brings on the challenge of knitting an under appreciated pattern. i bought this pattern, gretya, last march, and it only sells for $3. and maybe we shouldn't buy things we don't "need" at the time, but ... i'm a knitter.

i'm knitting in shibui, in colorway ink. ink is probably shibui's "black", but i think it still has a hint of blue in it.

and i love how it's knitting up! i love how shibui pools in a giant spiral. years ago, when i first tried it, saw it, i hated it, i did not like how it looks semi-solid in the hank, and then does all this weird %$!@*. but now, i love it.

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