Saturday, January 29, 2011

no orphans

no orphans should be my motto. i have been better about finishing pairs in the last year or so. but, this one is still unfinished (from october).

cleopatra socks

after i finished my blender socks, i decided i need to finish this pair. my motivation is not to finish the socks, but to "free" the needles. i need the needles for another pair.

confession time: so, i did get as far as this photo, then moved the sock to dpns, so i could start another toe up "spice man" sock.

anyways, this yarn was purchased at SAFF back in october. i did cast on that day ... and then a few days later, it was november. in november, i cast on another yarnissima pattern for ska ... firestarter.

and, both are still unfinished!

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Loretta said...

I recognize that Miss Babs yarn!!