Sunday, May 15, 2011

can't see!

i thought i'd get another little coco knitted from my monster book, but when i started to page through, i decided to make 'baldwin' instead.

just the body, so far ...

i got the body knitted, and then kinda came to a grinding halt. i came to the point where i would stuff and put the eyes in, but ... i don't have the right size eyes, and cannot find the size/color i need locally.

thank goodness for the www. i'm going to order some eyes from 6060 on etsy.

my original goal was to see how many mini-coco-monsters i could knit from that 1 ball of mosaic, ... but i didn't feel like knitting the same pattern again. and baldwin is really cute!

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Anonymous said...

Can I call 'dibs' on coco. I can wait on purchases from 6060....;)