Sunday, May 15, 2011

shawl knitting

i am quite scattered with my knitting lately. i don't know why. i just kinda go with it. knitting is for joy, not a job.

not too long ago, i picked up a shawl project i had started in february of 2009. i was indecisive about what needle size to use, and then i stalled out when i got to the center panel because it was true lace knitting (with pattern on both sides of the fabric).

bottom border moving into center panel
this first picture is from 2009

the LACE
and this is from last week

it is very slow knitting. i'm lucky to accomplish 4 rows in an evening. sometimes, i actually knit 8 rows! the pattern is the wedding shawl, and is free on the VK website.

the yarn i am using is schaefer's Andrea ... a beautiful lace weight handpainted silk. i bought this yarn specifically for this project, and i swear i'll finish it before 2020!

but, since i know it will be a long time before i see much progress, i cheated with a wee hank of malabrigo sock and cast on the holden shawlette.


i love triangular shawls/shawlettes. though this color is seriously out of season for spring, it will be pretty great for summer. imagine the hot colors of summer, or even the neutral shades, and a dark brackish shawlette?

and, because i cannot NOT knit socks, i did cast on sock #2 of my mystery sock. (i cast on the pink one!)

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