Monday, May 30, 2011

what ?! no mail today ?!

no, no mail, as it's a holiday's memorial day. it's been a nice three day weekend as well. i went home to visit family, and had enough time to finally finish this little monster ...

toothy joe

mom had picked him out from my big book of knitted monsters, on one of my previous trips home.

of course, i picked out yarn and started right away ... and got "distracted" by other projects. and, he got a bit neglected. how sad!

and i wanted to finish him as a surprise, but i absolutely SUCK at surprises. i'm so excited, i end up blabbing or confessing before the gift is given. what can i say?

this is Toothy Joe. he is the offical mailbox monster. maybe he's the reason you didn't get 'that' bill (thus, missed a payment)? maybe he's the reason the stamp "fell" off your letter and it was 'returned to sender'? maybe he's the reason there was no delivery today? (no!)

he's knitted with a couple of yarns from the Hobby Lobby.

i LOVE this cotton!

both yarns make great monsters! the lighter green is called SPARK. it has a bit of glitzy nylon wrapped around the cotton, giving off an iridescent sparkle.

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Sue said...

Oh he is absolutely adorable! I wish he lived in my letterbox to eat up my bills, lol!