Saturday, May 21, 2011

public announcement

alert! if you're within a reasonable driving distance of the NC State Fairgrounds, get on over there! this weekend is the nc ag fest, but more importantly, it's the carolina fiberfest (on the same grounds).

i'm always up early on saturdays (meaning, pre-dawn). nuts, i know, when most sleep in. my *to do* list today included this fiber festival.

The Unique Sheep

i am very greatful to the vendors that will travel to these venues. Laura (far left in awesome gradience stockings) drove all the way from kentucky to be at the festival!

by the way, she seriously complimented my hair (as gray la gran's hair is mostly silver-gray). and looked at her and said, "i LOVE yours too!" (her hair currently has colors that coordinate with her stockings).

click on photo to get yarn information

i also had a lot of fun talking to the ladies of the unplanned peacock studio. they had driven down from virginia. i also purchased a brooch in her booth. it's about 3" long from tip to tip, and is forged.

forged shawl pin

and i'm glad i got to the booth of wolle's yarn creations when i did, as when i cruised by later ... it was really crowded.

handdyed COTTON
click on photo for yarn information

this yarn is handdyed cotton, and is fingering weight. the "strand" is actually 4 separate strands of 2 ply cotton. i plan on using this for some summer shawl knitting.

so, if you're a knitting, spinner, weaver, or crocheter, head on out to the fiberfest. but if not, then there's lots of this:

tractors !

at the fairgrounds this weekend =)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you made out well at the local fiberfest but then again I knew you would! Which 2 ply color way is my summer shawl? .....;)

Nik said...

I went there with a friend of mine and it was difficult not to spend a lot of money. I ended up buying yarn from a place (can't remember the name) that was selling 600 yards of fingering weight for 10 bucks. And it was good quality yarn. Talk about luck.