Tuesday, January 15, 2013

before ... (THE HOLIDAY) .....

before christmas, i was more into my crochet vs. knitting. and i found this really cute pattern via ravelry.

this pattern was originally published in print, but it's also available via the internet.

just follow this link and then click on the download for the pdf.

december 241

december 238

december 239

december 244

december 242

december 238

i mean, who doesn't just love a garland of trees?! ... as the pattern recommended, i did use the yarn red heart & sole. i already had 2 of the 3 colorways in stash, and i think this yarn is perfect for the pattern.

the finished garland was sent of to live with leanne. so now i'm making one for me  =)


Agnes Berthelot said...

Those are really cute! Maybe I should start making now and by Christmas I'd have a whole bunch!

gray la gran said...

they are quick enough! i know we all have these good intentions, but i think they'd make a really great gift for anyone who has a "little cabin in the woods".