Sunday, January 13, 2013

better late than never, right?

i have been B U S Y. i will not "air my laundry", but will instead, get on with things.


i finished these socks in november as part of the october SKA challenge. the pattern i used is called Bremen Muster by Kristin Benecken. it is a free pattern via ravelry, though it is more a "recipe" vs. a detailed pattern.

i wanted to knit it because it was a bit outside my comfort zone. instead of using short rows in the leg, it used "rows", ... thus the little slits on either side of the "bubbles". i also used one of my craft store yarns, deborah norville's serenity sock weight. i used the colorway "surf".

often, this yarn is on sale at my local craft store. so this pair of socks probably set me back under $7.

the next pair of socks i finished was for the SKA november challenge. i had gone to SAFF in october, and scored both the yarn and pattern for this pair for cheap cheap cheap!

december 253

this pattern is allover texture ... and is appropriately named bricker by anne hanson. when i was at SAFF, i visited miss bab's booth. she had a sale rack of patterns, and a sale bin of yarn. the yarn i got was a discontinued yarn base, but still superwash. the socks are quite scrunchy, and i've already enjoyed wearing them!

ps! i cannot figure out why this block of text is mini!


this is probably my favorite pair of finished socks, year to date.

when i got home for christmas (before the holiday), mom and i "cheated". after all the witnesses have gone to bed, we open a gift each.

my gift was in broad daylight, a basket full of yarn! but, each hank/ball was wrapped in colored tissue.


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