Saturday, January 26, 2013


yes, i finished my epic scarf! this is probably the most fun project i've had knitting in quite a long time ... each section being a different color combination, and a different stitch pattern ... each section requiring some thought and planning ....


i finished yesterday? i think. i steamed it today. and i wore it.

OMG! it's heavy! it's 14.1 ounces. that's a lot of acrylic !!!

i'm glad to be done, and i'm already working on a followup project ... a hat, in acrylic.

but, here's some pics of my infinity scarf ... the pattern can be found here (ravelry link).




i did wear it out today. i did get compliments. oh, how women suffer for fashion !!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! How beautiful!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Your work is so awesome! I want to make one tooooo! Don't know when I'll be able to get to it many other wip's to get done. You are such an inspiration!
Thanks for always posting the information as well!!!

Acorn to Oak said...

I love, love, love it! What a wonderful scarf!

leanne pizio said...

hey Miss D,
This is absolutely fabulous! And so worth wearing all the weight :)Can't wait to see you!