Monday, January 14, 2013

on the needles now ...

i posted my finished socks, but now i want to share what i'm working on now. i currently have 3 (active) projects on the needles.

i always need something mindless to knit. something i can literally knit in the dark. seriously. a plain stockinette stitch sock ... if i do the ribbing ahead of time, i can can knit the leg in the dark at a movie theatre.

and sometimes, my mind is to scattered to be able to focus on a pattern, so a plain sock is good medicine.

that sock right now is this one knitted in kroy sock yarn.


i have already finished the first sock, and am almost to the heel of the second sock (i had a lot of 'waiting time' this past weekend).

what i ♥ love ♥ about kroy ... it is self patterning. it's inexpensive. it wears very well. it's easy care. and, it's a little heavier than the standard fingering yarn, so i can knit it at 56 stitches on a size 2.75mm needle.

it soothes the soul .....

i know a lot of knitters love their luxury yarns. i love luxury yarns too, but truth be told, i love easy care and convenience too. besides, i can't always afford the luxury yarns.

craft store yarns are often on sale, and if they're not, they can be gotten for cheap with a couple of coupons. okay, 'nuff said about the awesomeness of kroy =)

next up on the needles is a mystery sock!


for my regular sock knitting group (SKA) on Ravelry, one of this month's options is to knit the mystery sock.

i don't usually knit the mystery sock (one of which is offered every other month), because as much as i love surprises, my knitting time is small.

but, this month, the designer is Rachel Coopey, and i just adore her designs. so, this was a "no brainer".

how a mystery sock works ... the featured designer releases a total of 4 "clues". the part you see right now is part of clue 2. we get clue 3 tomorrow. i haven't finished clue 2 yet !!!

i've just not had a lot of knitting or personal time, so i'm a bit behind on everything. i will finish clue 2 sometime this week (which is really only 4 or 5 rounds).

but so far, clue 1 included the solid colored cuff, and clue 2 has been the stranded leg portion. who knows what will be clue 3 ?!

the last project i'm sharing is my personal favorite right now. i'm knitting the "my favourite things" infinity scarf. i'm knitting in acrylic. yes. acrylic. it's vanna's choice.


this is just a close up of a small section of my scarf. this is after i blasted it with steam. in the machine knitting world, we say things like, ... "steam kills !" in backpacking we say, "cotton kills!"

so, steam on acrylic is a good thing, if you like the results and don't want to reverse them (the steaming is permanent). steam relaxes the fabric, and adds some drape.

i have tons of pictures right now in my ravelry account, and on flickr.

it's just fun. fun. FUN. and it's a blast of color. last month, joann fabrics had a 'coupon commotion'. they let me use all my 50% off coupons to buy yarn (because the yarn was not already discounted). i bought 10 colors then, and then 2 other colors later.

i know i should be stash busting, but hey, i'm a knitter ...........

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Agnes Berthelot said...

Mmm ... the mystery sock pattern is so lovely ... I might just have to make it too!
I totally agree with you on craft store yarns! All the socks I made with craft store sock yarns are still going strong but those luxury yarns? Many of the socks made from them were worn out already!