Saturday, March 02, 2013

and i finished!

i am thrilled to say i finished a pair of socks in the same month i started them. and, they were a labor of love. i plowed through a lot of seed stitch. BUT, it really wasn't that bad. and eventually, the pattern became more intuitive.


and now, that they're done, i think i've almost forgotten all their "un fun" parts.


i'm happy i read the instructions enough to remember to make them mirror images of one another too. the pattern has a very basic name of "textured socks", and they're from this little gem of a book by patons.

there's quite a few patterns in that booklet i'd like to knit. i'm also just glad to be knitting from my stash and library =)

so, now that it's march, along comes another sock challenge. this month, "unusual construction".


for this challenge, i cast on carousel from knitty. this yarn is knitpick's stroll sock in colorway "hard candy multi".  (and, after linking to their website, all colorways are labeled as "goodbye" ... guess they're changing things up a bit?)

anyhoo, this sock IS a challenge ... because of the construction, i don't know if i'm wasting my time. if i can get it over my heel, it might be too big for my leg. or too loose for my foot. we'll see. but, it looks pretty darn cool!

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Acorn to Oak said...

Congratulations on finishing these socks. They're gorgeous! The new ones look like fun. The colors and stripes are so happy and the yarn looks soft. Good luck with it and have fun! :-)