Friday, March 08, 2013

i'm a sucker for craft store sock yarns

mom and i went to the hobby lobby today ... i don't have one near my city, but when i come "home", we usually end up in the next little town that has a couple of craft stores.

i like the hobby lobby because they carry more sock yarns than the other craft stores i frequent. and, they let us use our 40% app coupon on every item purchased.


though i didn't "need" any yarn, i "wanted" some ... and they had a yarn i'd not seen before ....


the color in the picture is slightly exaggerated. but, still, it's super bright.

i'm still knitting along on my hitchhiker, and am just about out of my yarn. i'm thinking i will do the bind off with a contrast color though.


Acorn to Oak said...

That does seem like a lot of choices for a big box craft store. The yarn you chose is pretty. Happy knitting!

Lynette said...

I need to go over to my HL and see what they have. I bought a few skeins of sock yarn a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised at all they had.