Sunday, March 24, 2013

i did. i DID. I did ... finish a sock .....

wow. that's all i can say. this sock has been sitting around, on needles, for much too long.

and finally, this weekend, i finished this sock!
sock on right foot is ... the sock !!!

on left foot is an older handknit sock. BUT, right foot ... wow ... knitted in an unusual construction.

the pattern is stripe tease. the yarn is serenity wool-free.

forgive me for not providing the links. i have to still, tonight, deal with dinner in the oven. write up both a resume & letter of intent, and i really want to work on my "secret project".

1 comment:

Walden said...

Love it, you have inspired me to knit the pattern as soon as I can get the test-knit I am doing off of the needles!