Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 balls

That's where I am now ... 2 balls in on each of these projects ....

on the left is my clapotis … it's almost finished! i am on "section 4". my second ball is rapidly diminishing.  i do have a third ball in the wings.

on the right is my "kaw kaw" pullover summer top (also known as "sunny"). i am finally on the front (finished yesterday). and i just realized, in the photo, i'm showing the backside. 

regardless …shortly here i'll have a new summer wrap and lacy tee (ps, not to be worn together!).
what's next? i still need to finish my crochet cool waves shawl, my test crochet molecule, and start many other things.

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Amanda Ironmonger said...

Those two colors are beautiful! I cannot wait to see them finished!
Amanda at His and Her Hobbies