Monday, March 17, 2014

the clapotis … really!

the clapotis is one of the early free knitting patterns from knitty. it was published in 2004, and i had started one in 2005. but, i didn't like the pattern with my yarn choice, and ripped it out.

recently, i was inspired to revisit the pattern … same yarn but different colorway.


and success!

i was digging through my stash yesterday, and stumbled upon this yarn …


it's SWTC bamboo. and i have 3 balls. PLENTY for a clapotis!

perhaps it's just because of timing … i don't knit socks like i use to. i don't join many knit or crochet 'a-longs'. my projects have been at my whim.

right now, i have several projects on the needles (and hooks). but this one is the only one i can call "mindless" … it takes very little attention, and keeps my hands busy when i just cannot focus on instructions or decisions.

the yarn is 100% bamboo. it has a nice sheen, and a beautiful drape. the color is a nice mix of oranges and reds … it will be a very nice summer wrap.

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Frankie said...

Perfect yarn choice! It's going to be so pretty when it's finished. Clapotis has been on my radar lately . . . I think I might just have to go stash diving. :D