Sunday, March 02, 2014

(+) progress !!!

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finally … i am nearing the end of the chain. i probably won't finish the chain today, or the next day, as every other row only incorporates one more chain.

BUT, i'm much more aware of how i make mistakes, so hopefully i can avoid them for a bit going forward.

i'm having a hard time capturing the color of this yarn.

sometimes the colors are kinda warm, other times cool.

yesterday, when i took some pictures outside, they looked rather bluish.

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perhaps the best place to see the color would be here on ravelry, in other folk's stashes.

the yarn is gorgeous!!!

i'm also kinda amazed at how slowly i've progressed --- but it's only been a week, and i don't have much time during the week to craft --- and i've done a fair share of ripping.

this morning, as i laid in bed, i did some online shopping. i purchased a pattern via ravelry (with the help of paypal), for this tee shirt pattern. (the pattern is called "work + shelter striped lace sweaters")

i have plenty of yarn options in stash. i wanted to start swatching today, but instead decided to try to make some progress on my lace shawl.

my friend schumtzie said i'm on a "tee shirt kick" --- yes. i have been for awhile. i have a couple of knitted t's the that i just adore --- and i find them quite comfortable (and prettier than regular t's) for the warmer months.

and though our weather here will seriously bottom out tomorrow …
Today, winter makes a HUGE comeback. Temperatures will start in the 40s north to 60s south before falling dramatically as an arctic cold front moves through. We will end the day with temperatures in the 20s/30s! Also today, the concern for sleet as the colder air moves in. Look for rain to transition to sleet and possibly a little freezing rain late morning north to mid afternoon south.
…. i'm still thinking about SUMMER !!!

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